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We specialize in helping clients obtain fair and accurate vehicle valuations, repair settlements, and diminished value


We Understand Losses

Leverage our team of licensed appraisers, adjusters, and manufacturer-trained professionals for unparalleled expertise in your claim.


Our licensed team delivers dependable guidance and expert resolution of your insurance matters with confidence.


We offer extended availability to accommodate your lifestyle and ensure convenient, accessible service.


Committed to your success, we ensure expert case handling or provide trusted referrals from our extensive network to meet your needs.


Harness our multilingual team's expertise in Spanish, French, and more, ensuring no language barrier hinders your success.


Experience tailored convenience with our adaptable communication methods — email, WhatsApp, text, and video calls.


Our expertise extends to offering personalized insurance advice, coverage strategies, endorsements, bonds, and more.

Expert Guidance for Exceptional Outcomes

Elevate your game in auto insurance and collision repair with us! Our expert guidance is your secret weapon, catapulting you to top-tier results and fair treatment. We're not just your advisors; we're your power-packed educators, equipping you to confidently conquer insurance and repair challenges.

Fuel success by elevating your claim outcomes with expert, tailored advice.
Empower with knowledge and navigate claims confidently, backed by our expertise.
Master all claims, covering everything from diminished value to total loss.

Streamlined Excellence and Unwavering Support

Step into the winner's circle with our unparalleled services. From razor-sharp diminished value appraisals to thorough total loss assessments, we cover all bases in auto claims. With us, navigating the complex world of auto insurance is a breeze. Claim your rightful victory with our unmatched expertise and support.

Seamless solutions for accurate, stress-free settlements and repairs.
Expert guidance as your ally in every auto claim, big or small.
Precision guaranteed with advanced tools, superior accuracy, and champion advocacy.

Our Simplified Appraisal Process

Kickstart your appraisal with us and experience rapid, fair evaluations. Our expert team promises precise, tailored assessments for any vehicle, ensuring top-tier accuracy and fairness in every settlement, all tailored to your unique needs.

Jumpstart Your Journey to Justice
Exercise your right to appraisal with a simple call to us. Dive into our streamlined process for a thorough and equitable vehicle evaluation.
Assess to Impress, No More, No Less
Each assessment is a masterpiece, finely tuned to your unique case and embracing claim-specific nuances and industry standards.
Close With Cheer, Fairness is Here
Embrace the support of our seasoned professionals, guiding you to a resolution where your satisfaction isn't just promised—it's delivered.

"Adrian at CCA, worked tirelessly with me and my insurance company to ensure my claim was paid appropriately. He kept me in the loop and was always available for any questions I had. If I hadn't gone with CCA, I would never have received the funds from my insurance company necessary to settle my claim. I highly recommend them for anyone struggling with their insurance company."

Megan Flannigan

Right to Appraisal

"If you are like me and have had enough of being on the wrong end of the stick with an insurance giant who just doesn't care about you as a customer, look no further. From the first call with Mr. Adrian Mora, his proactive follow-ups, clear guidance, and professional approach to solving my problem have been immensely reassuring. I now realize that I couldn't have asked for better assistance."

Karthikeyan Deivasigamani

Right to Appraisal

"With the assistance of Adrian Mora of CCA, I successfully resolved an issue where my automotive insurance company was unwilling to pay a fair value for my repair claim. Thanks to his help, the matter was settled to my satisfaction, and I plan to use his services again if needed."

Sarat Koganti

Right to Appraisal

"Adrian Mora is the greatest; he was more than helpful and consistently went above and beyond to assist me. He fought for my interests against my insurance company, and I was very satisfied with the end result. I’d definitely recommend him to anyone."

Shamar Bailey

Right to Appraisal

"Adrian was more than helpful in filing our claim for diminished value. As we had never been through this process before, we were unsure of how to proceed. He expertly guided us through every step and represented us with utmost professionalism. I highly recommend Collision Consumer Advocates."

Ishan Samantaray

Diminution in Value

"Adrian was most helpful in filing our diminished value claim. Having never been through the process, we were at a loss for how to proceed.  He guided us through every step and represented us most professionally. I highly recommend Collision Consumer Advocates."

Karen Bush

Diminution in Value


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