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No matter what complications and troubles arise, we are here to help you. We do not work for the insurance companies, we work for you. Each year, hundreds of thousands of unsafe vehicles are put back on the road after a collision - that has to stop.

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As the organization title implies, our sole focus is the consumer. Our founding president has witnessed, one too many times, innocent consumers getting duped by insurance companies and repair facilities into cheap, substandard, unsafe repairs, all at the expense of their family's safety and their vehicle's value. The worst part about this epidemic of peril is the root cause of it all is the lack of education amongst all: consumers, insurance representatives, and repairers. It's time to put a stop to it all. Give us a call and we will brief you on everything you need to know to prevail in such an unforeseen circumstance.


The State of North Carolina requires that each insurer has a provision in their automobile policy agreement that allows for an alternative method to resolve a dispute between loss amount, whether it be amount of damages/repairs, pre-accident actual cash value, or diminution in value - this is know as the Appraisal Clause. When disputing the amount of loss regarding repairs, the insured and the insurer shall each hire a competent, disinterested appraiser. Each appraiser will conduct their own appraisal. If the two appraisers disagree in lost amount, then each must agree to an umpire to make a final decision on behalf of the two - the umpire must also be disinterested and, in accordance with North Carolina terms, a licensed motor vehicle damage appraiser in North Carolina. Whichever amount the appraisers agree to, or the amount the umpire avers, is binding between the insured and insurer. Heed, this provision is not applicable and/or beneficial to every person and scenario so give us a call for a free consultation.

Diminution in Value

When your vehicle is involved in an accident, even if you have your vehicle restored to perfect, pre-accident condition with all OE parts and proper repair procedures, your vehicle's history report is now branded with an accident on it. The value of your vehicle will decrease exponentially after the word "Accident" is seen on the CARFAX®, which could leave you owing negative equity that was once positive when it comes time to sell your vehicle or trade it in - this is known as Diminished Value. By filing a diminution of value claim, you can help recoup some of that loss. What most people do not know is you are eligible to file this claim for three years; if you have been involved in an accident within the last three years that was not your fault then give us a call for a free consultation.

They were extremely helpful during the entire claim process. My insurance company kept harassing me and was forcing me to go to a DRP shop so I gave them a call. The gentleman I spoke to informed me of the rights that I have as a consumer and even sent me the excerpts of the state laws.
Jane, Pro-Bono Consulting Client
I called in because my insurance company was being difficult. The person I spoke informed me of all my rights, explained to me every process in detail, and guided me on reading the provisions in my policy.
David, Pro-Bono Consulting Client

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